About Narsinhdadas

India is essentially the land of yogi, saints and sages. From Vedic times to till the date the self realized like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Ramanuja, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Nathuram Bapa & many others personified in India. India is a land of saints and seekers of spiritual realization. Param Pujya Narsinhram endearingly called ‘Dada’, is a self realized saint in India from Himatnagar, Kanknol. Nathuram Bapa was Guruji of Pujya Narsinhram Dada no one can explain him in words.

The day Pujya Dada was born on Vikram- Samvat 1985 in morning. Shri Amardas Patel and his significant other Pujya Divaba were indeed so blessed as they selected as Pujya Dada’s parents. One day Shri Amardas patel invited his Guru Mohandasji to bless his child, he said your child will be great saint and now his name will be ‘Narsinh’.

Narsinh was quite religious in childhood like his parents. But at a very young age Narsinh lost his father and just a year after he lost his grandmother, when Narsinh was only six (6) year old. That was very tough time in Narsinh life. Narsinh had to discontinue his education and shoulder on the family’s responsibility. Narsinh shifted to Ahmedabad with his cousin brother for a job, and his sadhana started from there.

He started his first earning from Jain Temple, thirty rupees (30) a month. Once a jain saint call him and said ‘keep continue your spiritual practices’. Increase your meditation and you will realize that god is alone is one truth and essence of life. By regular concentrating meditation you may be attended by mystical powers. Narsinh decided to be Jain saint, but after attending Hira Bhai and saint Avadhutji’s speech he returned to home, and paid all the debts. Narsinh’s mother got him engaged, but he was not ready to marry. Shri nathuram Bapa asked him to go back to home and marry the girl named Santokba. Shri Nathuram Bapa said Narsinh get married and continues your sadhana at home.

Shri Nathuram Bapa blessed Narsinh with his ultimate knowledge. Narsinh’s sadhana was become Samadhi now, and he keep continue his spiritual practice. The end of sadhana was reached at last, and Narsinh become a divine being. Narsinh transformed in to Param Pujya Shri Narsinhram Dada.

Shri Narsinhram Pragat Dham
Kanknol, Himatnagar,
Sabarkantha - 383001